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GS-2K Ergonomic Gloves



The GS-2K ergonomic glove is specifically designed to protect the barrel hand of the shooter, especially for guns fitted with splinter forends that allow fingers to contact hot barrels.

The exclusive use of layers of reversed suede (micro air-pocket insulation), and a high-tech thermal barrier provide absolute heat protection. The trigger hand is a plain glove for those who either have a palm swell feature on their stock, or have LOP issues, or do not require the recoil protection of a palm swell glove.  The GS-2K is offered exclusively in classic Dark Brown…very popular in the UK, and Europe.

All GripSwell gloves are treated with 3M Scotchgard protection which repels water, resists stains, makes spot cleaning easier, and provides longer lasting protection so the leather remains soft and breathable.

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