Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Requirements

The law requires us to have sight of a copy of your current shotgun certificate before we can dispatch any cartridges to you. Only the front page is needed which can be faxed, emailed or sent by post. If we are delivering to your estate or shoot it is necessary either for you, or whoever you authorise to take delivery, to send us a copy of their certificate. Without this we are not permitted to dispatch your order. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause but these are the regulations and we are not permitted to make any exceptions under any circumstances.

The Environment

We are sure that all shooters are keen to help the environment. Trustach Shooting Supplies knows that our sport needs to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We believe that it is important to explore new ideas and commit to new innovative products. Demand for these new products have significantly increased.  To see our Environmental Policy, click here

Photodegradable Wads

Photodegradable wads look like plastic wads but they are not. Photodegradable wads are made of a vegetable die and the self destruction process begins when the wad is exposed to the atmospheric agents and especially to the light. After approx 8-10 months the wad starts to crack and then turn into a powder after about 2 years of exposure. Trustach Shooting Supplies are now loading all of their high velocity XL cartridges with photodegradable wads. We are able to substitute most plastic wads with photodegradable wads at a small premium.

Fibre Wads

The popularity of fibre wads is growing year on year and we see no sign or reason why this will change. Trustach Shooting Supplies load their flagship cartridge – the Monarch – with fibre wads as well as their best selling Classics in 12, 16 and 20 bore. Fibre wads biodegrade in a matter of weeks.

Paper Cases

As a result of popular demand, Trustach Shooting Supplies launched a paper case version of their Monarch cartridge in 2002. The 6.5 size shot in this cartridge is now slightly harder than standard lead shot (5% antimony against 3% antimony) and the case is now varnished giving it more protection against moisture ingress and also looks much smarter. This remains available as does paper case versions of our Classic cartridge in 28 and 30 gram loads with a variety of shot sizes. Paper cases degrade extremely quickly and also smell lovely when fired!

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