Our Services

Gun Storage

Taking shotguns and rifles on airplanes and trains is becoming more and more of a hassle, not to mention more expensive.

We provide a service whereby you can send your gun or rifle (most local gunsmiths are happy to do this on your behalf) up to us where we will register it, store it securely in our temperature controlled gun safes and then release it to anyone who you authorise to collect it.

After it has been used it can be delivered back to us and we will in turn pack it up and dispatch it by an approved courier to a Registered Firearms Dealer (usually the same address it was sent from – but it doesn’t have to be). We can also courier gun slips and cartridge bags if you want to travel light.

We currently charge £25 per gun case (single or double) for the administration and storage and the carriage charge usually works out at £30 per case for anywhere on mainland UK. Prices exclude VAT. Please do not hesitate to speak to the office if you have any specific questions – 01330 820444.

Bespoke Printing

Trustach Shooting Supplies offer a bespoke cartridge printing service for a minimum of only 10,000 cartridges for 12 bore and 5,000 cartridges for 20 bore. There is a one off charge of £66.66 for arranging the artwork and print stereo – which is a one off payment – and a further £8.33 per 1,000 for overprinting any Caledonian load with your own or a customer’s name. Prices exclude VAT. You can choose from any of Caledonian’s extensive range. If you would like any further details please contact us